Hello Everyone,

Victoria and her team are running a special night at beavers on 3rd January and we wanted to extend the invite.

Unfortunately (for us) Lauren's partner has accepted a job in London and her company have offered her a transfer to their London office too. As a result she leaves us for The Big Smoke at fairly short notice. Not wanting to miss a chance to say good bye, Victoria and her team have pulled out all the stops to get a beaver colony meeting in place before she goes away.

Lauren has been part of the beaver team for around 18 months and we're very grateful for everything she has done in that time, teaching our beavers new skills

Meet: Fatfield Scout HQ - 5:45pm 3rd January
Finish: Fatfield Scout HQ - 7:15pm
Wear: Uniform (for Uniformed Adult Team)
Bring: A coat to be outside

Lauren, we all wish you well on your new adventure and please come and see us when you visit home!

Best wishes,


Stephen Harrison - Adult Volunteer Manager
07745 184 137

Stephen Harrison,
7 Feb 2019, 10:57