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Introducing Durham 2020
Scouts & Young Leaders
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What's included in the price?

The published price on the group website includes transport, food, entry into Durham 2020 and all of the brilliant Durham 2020 Activities.

Where is the event?

The event takes place on the 60 acre Wollsingham Showground, County Durham (from 1st August to 8th August 2019).

Is my place refundable?

Should you no longer wish to attend the event, we will endeavour to offer a refund. The group is able to amend numbers booked in to Durham Scouts up until May 2020. After 1st May 2020, a refund will only be possible if your place can be filled with another scout.

Is there a kit list for the event?

We'll publish a kit list around a month before the event, in the meantime you may wish to have a look at our 'Getting Kitted Out for Scouts' page as a guide to equipment we would recommend for scouts. The group will provide tents, cookware and specialist equipment will be provided by activity instructors.

Is this event open to me?
This event is open to all scouts, including cubs who will turn 10 before the event happens on 1st August. There's no requirements to have been away with scouts before or have any previous camping experience. We'll have plenty of support for first time campers and any scouts with additional needs. If anyone wants to discuss specific additional needs, they are welcome to talk to their section leader or email

How is camp structured?
The scouts camping will be split into patrols who will live together for the week, cooking and cleaning and looking after each other with support from the leader team. There is an event programme taking place across the week, with a structure in place for each day.

On water day and Durham day, the whole group will attend activities together as well as sharing their time with scouts across the county. On other days, scouts may visit activities in groups and have more freedom to explore the site,, however this will always be in groups and never alone.

Where we have spare time, the group will have plenty of games and activities to keep scouts busy on site. Unlike events like Confido, our leader team will work with our scouts rather than being allocated to a particular activity.

Is there a support fund available?

Please see our detailed support page by clicking here.

Will there be a parent's/carers night?

We intend to bring families together ahead of the event to talk about some of the detailed arrangements. This will be after we have received the detailed Durham Scouts event plan and have all of our transport arrangements in place, around a month before the event. In the meantime if you want to ask us any questions, please talk to your section leader or email

Is spending money required?

There will be opportunities to spend money at the event, with an event cafe, souvenir shop and tuckshop operating. There will also be an opportunity to spend money in Durham on the day in the city. We recommend scouts need no more than £25 for the week and we ask that you pay the money into our camp bank ahead of the event. We'll use this to help scouts manage their money across the week. Money can be paid into camp bank by BACs or in cash in a named envelope ahead of the event.

Can I volunteer?
We're looking for volunteers to support our camp, whether you can pre-prepare us some food for the week, drive a van, or fancy spending the whole week away with us, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact We're also able to 'Job Share' our leader team across the week so please get in touch if you want to join this incredible event.

I've looked at the Durham 2020 website and it says the cost is £170 why are 4th Washington charging £245 for scouts?
Our price includes food (approx £55 per person for the week), transport (approx £15 for minibus and for us to transport our equipment) and a small budget to cover gas for our stoves and other consumables £5 on top of the Durham Scouts price.

Do I have to cook my own food?
Scouts will spend the week living as a patrol with a patrol leader supporting the team. Patrols will cook, clean and work together across the week. It's a great way to learn some skills such as teamwork, leadership and sometimes tolerance. Don't worry there is never a leader far away keeping an eye on what's going on.

How do you keep our young people safe?
The event is ran to a professionally written event plan with full risk assessments for all activities and AALA licenced instructors leadering them. There's also a dedicated first aid team to treat any accidents that do occur.

The site has a 24/7 security in place to ensure that no one can enter the site without permission.

All adults staying overnight on site are DBS cleared and leaders work to the Scout Association's Young Person First Policy

A copy of the event plan will be available on request ahead of the event.

The event Has full public liability insurance in place, there is no need to purchase any form of travel insurance.