Kit List

The list below is a minimum kit list. Those attending the event should label all items (especially their neckers and uniform) they bring with their name.

Please wear your uniform (including necker) to arrive to camp.

We prefer it if our young people pack their own bags for camp so that they know what they have and where it is!  

We suggest packing the following items:

Sleeping bag  Warm clothing (Iscout if you have it) 
Blanket T-shirts (min. 2) 
Pillow  Carriers bags for dirty/ wet clothes  
Roll Mat (this will provide additional comfort but also keeps you warmer as it separates you from the ground) Wash kit (Toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, small towel, brush/comb) N.B. we do not have access to showers across the weekend) 
Changes of socks (min. 3 pairs - we spend a lot of time outside and often need to change into dry socks!!) Teddy bear (optional) 
Changes of underwear Trousers (not jeans) x2 (again we spend a lot of time outside and may get wet) 
PJs/ nightwear Slippers or shoes to be worn inside 
Trainers (Not canvas - these provide no protection from wet weather and/or grass).  If possible a second pair to change into in case they get wet Waterproof coat   
torch + spare batteries Wild West themed fancy dress (optional for Saturday evening) 

Please do not bring anything to camp that is of value - including ‘label’ clothes, IPODS, watches, mobile telephones etc. Anyone bringing such items does so at their own risk. We cannot accept any responsibility for losses, theft or damage to such items however it was caused.