Bonus Ball - How does it work?

You pick a number and if your number is selected as the bonus ball in the Saturday Lotto draw then you win up to £30* and up to £30 goes to group funds - its that easy!!

You pay £1/week/number via standing order or BACS transfer. N.B. if your number is drawn and you are behind on your payments, a back payment will be taken from your winnings before you are paid. Click here for our bank information.

Click here to choose your number - Please sign up using your name AND email address (we will use your email to notify you if you win and to ask how you would like to receive your winnings!)

*Winnings depend on the number of the numbers sold 50% of the numbers sold will be used as winnings and 50% will go to the group.  If a winning number has not been sold the winnings are rolled over to the following week.

The first draw will be Saturday 21st May 2016.

If you have any questions/issues please get in touch with Sarah (07969521177)