Moving On

What is moving on?

Moving on or transition is the movement of a young person between sections i.e. beavers to cubs, cubs to scouts and scouts to explorer scouts.

How does my young person begin transition?

Our section leader team meet regularly to discuss transition of young people between sections and your section leader will make you aware of when your young person should expect to start transition. The leader from the receiving section will be in touch ahead of transition too, to introduce themselves and to give you specific information about the new section.

We try to make it a joined up conversation between both leaders, the young person and their parents to make things as smooth as possible, however the final dates may be dependent on holidays, section programmes and leader availability,

Our leaders try to move groups of friends on between sections where possible to make it easier for a young person to settle into their new section. Often a leader from the section a young person is leaving will also attend the night at the new section.
  • A beaver usually moves to cubs around their 8th birthday.
  • A cub usually moves to scouts between 10 and 10.5
  • A scout must leave to explorers or young leaders before their 15th birthday.

How long does transition last?

We usually give young people the chance to attend both the section they are leaving and their new section for around 4 weeks, although this can be affected by programme plans. We also appreciate that a cub attending cubs and scouts on the same night can find it quite tiring so we try and work with parents and carers to adapt the process to suit the young person moving up. At the end of transition, our section leaders will organise a moving up ceremony.

What about uniform?

Young people should wear the uniform from their old section during transition and once they have settled should buy the uniform for their new section ahead of being invested. A young person should continue to wear their group necker.
We'd be really grateful for any used uniforms to be donated to our equipment exchange where they can help others access scouting. 

What is an investiture?

This is the ceremony where beavers, cubs and scouts make their promise as a scout. You can find the promise for each section from the links below.

Do I need to transfer badges?

There are a number of badges that transfer from one uniform to the next.
  • Membership Badge (Purple badge)
  • Group name tape, District Badge and County Badge
  • Chief Scouts's Award (from the section a young person is leaving)
  • Moving on badge (presented at your moving on ceremony)
If you wish to keep your badges from a previous section, we recommend purchasing a camp blanket (the group sell these for £10), they make a lovely momento and can be used for badges from previous sections and occasional badges (like Confido or Cuborree). Please talk to our section leaders.