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Get Kitted Out For Scouts

Scouts spend lots of time outdoors so it's important to have the right equipment to be comfortable and safe, particularly while at camp or on a hike. 

We plan loads of activities ever year and we just can't rely on the British Summertime to deliver us wall to wall sunshine so we've listed some useful advice below for anyone looking to get kitted out for scouts.

We're also running our equipment exchange to help scouts to get kitted out, you can find out more here, it's available for all members to support and use.

Sleeping Bags

We recommend a 3 season sleeping bag like this one from Go Outdoors will keep scouts warm under most conditions, we rarely camp outside before mid March and beyond October so there's no need to go for a really expensive bag.

Mummy style sleeping bags usually offer much more warmth than a caravan style square shape as there's much less air to warm up inside when you go to bed.

Scouts may also wish to bring a roll mat to camp, but these aren't essential bits of kit. The key to getting a good night sleep is to get fully changed before going to bed as it ensures you stay nice and warm.

Hiking Boots

Ankle support is really important on long walks and hikes. We recommend a pair of boots like these from Sports Direct as we appreciate that feet can still be growing and a really expensive pair wouldn’t be a great investment. It’s also a good idea to buy some thick socks to go with them.


A set of waterproofs is a must as you can always rely on the British weather to spring a surprise. You don't need the most expensive waterproofs out there, often a pac-a-mac style waterproof can be just what is needed. We recommend a waterproof like this from Regatta as a good base purchase.

Keeping Warm

Scouts don't need any expensive thermals, keeping warm at camp is all about having plenty of layers... packing an extra t-shirt to wear as an extra layer goes a long way, coupled with a water proof to keep out the wind, layering up will keep scouts prepared for almost anything.

Scout Discount

Most outdoor shops will give a discount to anyone who asks for scout discount. It's worth taking your necker on any shopping trips so that you can make the most of the opportunity. Go Outdoors, Blacks and Cotswolds all offer scout discount.