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Personal Challenge

Personal Challenge Badge
Personal Challenge

Personal Challenge is one of the 9 challenge badges which make up the Gold Chief Scouts Award (the highest award a scout can earn).

To complete the award, you need to complete two challenges chosen in conjunction with your section leader, bring back some evidence to scouts to show that you've done them and the badge is yours. You could for example chose to earn your next distance badge at swimming and bring in the badge to prove it.

Some example challenges can be found below. If you want to make a start (or need to show off what you've been up to), you can contact your section leader by emailing

Example Challenges

  • Support a new Scout to complete their Membership Award
  • Give up using your mobile or games console for a week
  • Take part in an organised walk or run for charity
  • Gain the next distance badge as part of swimming training
  • Talk about a topic you are interested in in front of your Patrol
  • Bring the right equipment to Scouts every week for a term
  • Help your younger brother or sister with their school work for a term
  • Learn how to communicate in basic sign language
  • Do at least an hour of physical activity every day over the summer holidays
  • Gain an activity permit
  • Complete a run of an agreed distance or time.
  • Do the washing up at home for two weeks
  • Plan and run a base or activity at camp
  • Organise a small fundraising event for the Group or a local charity